What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Typically, simple and transactional tasks, requiring little (if any) analysis or subjective judgement would be outsourced to Offshore Business Processing firms (internally or externally owned)

Robotic Process Automation offers an alternative approach to outsourcing these logical tasks by way of onboarding a “Digital Employee” – giving greater control of IP and more predictable outcomes

The principal barrier to the adoption of Robotic Process Automation has been always been the steep learning curve and the complex nature of forwarding / clearance process’. Increased Demand for real time, reliable information and affordable execution of freight and customs has only increased in recent years making it more important than ever to invest in this space.

5 easy steps to Robotic Process Automation

Identify repetitive, rule-based functions

These could be areas where consistent QA corrective actions (Provision of Delivery Orders on time), low-value high-resource tasks (chasing missing documents) or another pain-points within the business

Define Outcomes and Business Rules

Narrow in on the “critical to quality” components of the process, the business rules to be followed and the cross-functional visibility of the process customers

Select the Right Workflow Automation Solution

Selecting the right workflow engine and connectors between engines depends on the previous steps. The solution is tailored to the CTQs, BRs and CFV requirements of the target function

Train End Users and Go-Live

Once the solution is built, end users will receive comprehensive training about the outcomes and visibility aspects of the solution. A soft go-live might be introduced as required to assist in change management

Measure, Monitor and Scale

Key numbers and process metrics are identified early and reported on post-go-live. A normal ROI target is 3-6 months (project dependent) and clear measurables on the effectiveness of the RPA are as important as successful execution. 

Why Choose LogicWiz as your Partner?

The LogicWiz Team has a combined 20 years of proven, reliable and effective Robotic Process Automation development within the Global Logistics and compliance industry. Working with small teams of 10-15 right up to multi-national organization with different geo-compliance platforms 

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